The Man and His Dog – part 2

lusie collage

“Owning a dog always ended with this sadness because dogs just don’t live as long as people do.” ~~ John Grogan in Marley and Me


Is it still a childhood delusion to think that all dogs go to heaven?  Is it wishful thinking that right now Lusie, your faithful and loving companion, is up there with you frolicking and exploring?  I went to your parents this weekend and when I pulled up, I knew something was wrong.  She didn’t come greet me and I walked around the whole house looking in places she normally snoozed.  Your mom pulled up just a few minutes after me and as soon as I said ‘Where’s Lusie?”, I knew.

Poor little Lusie died last Saturday.  They didn’t tell me because I was in Canada for the Spring Break and then came back to an insane week.  Apparently she got so much worse that weekend.  Makes me so sad that I wasn’t here, but she was at home and she was with your dad and brother.  Poor little Lusie.

Your mom and I hugged and cried and blurted out at the same time, “Zach would have been so devastated.”  You would have been so sad to lose Lusie, but maybe that childhood delusion is true.  Maybe the two of you are together now.

It is a strange thing to lose a dog.  Pets become so much part of the family that their absence is just as jarring.  Sitting drinking coffee Saturday morning and her food bowl catching my eye made me cry.  Waking up Sunday morning and coming out of your old room to see her chair empty made me cry.  Pulling up in the car after running to town and not being greeted by her hilarious howls made me sad.

But she was in pain and she was suffering so I am glad she is not struggling anymore.  I think my sadness is magnified by knowing how devastated you would be if you were here.  I feel like I have taken on your sadness and am grieving for both of us.  But again…. maybe you are together and both of you are thrilled at being reunited.

3 comments on “The Man and His Dog – part 2

  1. SusanB says:

    Yes! Lusie is with Zach! Love is apparent in the eyes of a dog and love comes from the soul and the soul does not die.

  2. tersiaburger says:

    I am sorry for your pain and loss. I have nominated you for the Best Moments Award. I hope you will accept. –

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